These People Actually Got a Minion Tattoo

These People Actually Got a Minion Tattoo


Regardless of whether you have actually seen the movies Despicable Me or Minions, chances are you’ve already seen any of these adorable little yellow blobs. But, in the event you are not familiar with them, these cute creatures are called “Minions”. They are more or less the cutest little henchmen of all time. Although they rose to fame as background characters in the Despicable Me movie franchise, their wacky roles have definitely stolen the spotlight, resulting in a movie of their own. Because Minions are becoming extremely popular, companies have thought of creating products inspired by them. But, these creatures aren’t just seen on the items we use day-by-day. We can also see them printed using ink on the skin.Check out these beautiful Minion tattoo created by some random artists:

A Drunk-Looking Minion

A Minion Inspired by The Joker

A Diaper-Fetish Minion

An Iron Minion




A Little Drunkard Minion

A Disbelieving Minion

A Catcalling Construction Worker Minion

A Minion Playing Golf

A Minion Inspired by The Walking Dead




A Minion Who Loves Tropical Fruits

A Minion Couple

A Terminator Minion

A Group of Minions Playing The Avengers

An Odd Minion Tattoo in the Tongue




Two Happy Minions

A Minion That Hates Mondays

A Minion That is Always After a Good Scare

A Cheeky Little Minion

A Nerd Minion




A Minion Family Portrait

A Minion Drinking Beer

A Minion on Drugs

A Fireman Minion

An Evil Minion




A Solider Minion

A Star Wars-Inspired Minion

This Minion Who is a Fan of Buzz Lightyear


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