12 of the World’s Most Extraordinary Swimming Pools



Summer may be close to its end, but it is not the last summer. There’s more to come. And while we’re at home, trying to cocoon ourself from the cold, it’s not too wrong to sit in front of your computer and search for new places on which you can spend your next summer.

What pops up to our minds first when we hear the word “summer” is the beach. Where’s the better way to get refreshed, right? But some of us prefer the man-made way to get wet—swimming pools. Resorts always have an area for those who love swimming pools, over the natural beaches.

But the same as how Mother Nature always has a way of making things more interesting and exciting for us, some resorts and parks make sure your summer getaway will be different from the previous ones you had. Some take to the level of building swimming pools in the most unconventional way. Here are some of the most unusual swimming pools around the world.

Banff Hoodoos and Hotsprings, Jasper National Park (Alberta, Canada)

This is an interior swimming pool at the Cave and Basin Historic Site in Banff Town. Inside the cave is an interior pool and a vent hole.

Pool Villa, The Royal Pita Maha (Bali, Indonesia)

Promising you a refreshing way to recharge your body, mind, and spirit,  The Royal Pita Maha offers visitors to enjoy their own pool villa. It is packed with ten garden villas, ten pool garden villas with plunge pool, and four pool duplex villas. It wishes you to have a swim while enjoying the view of the Ayung River.

Alila Ubud Hotel (Bali, Indonesia)



Want a good swim that will make you forget the busy city? The Alila Ubud in Bali, Indonesia, wants to help you with that. Situated at the hilltop, this hotel says it owes its design to the traditional Balinese village life.

Cenote Xkeken (Yucatan, Mexico)

While ancient cenotes are used to complete the sacrifices to ancient gods, this cenote in Mexico has stayed to amaze the tourists who come to see it. It is accessible, and you can enjoy a good dive in this small, open-top quarry hole that is filled with water.

St. Moritz Spa (Pontresina, Switzerland)

Situated in the municipality of Pontresina in the Maloja district in Switzerland, St. Morits Spa has a long history of providing one of the world’s best spas. For 150 years, they host to the world’s wealthiest spa.

Seagaia Ocean Dome (Miyazaki, Japan)




Named one of the world’s largest indoor swimming pool, the pool in the Seagiaia Ocean Dome is like an alternative beach. It is housed under the world’s largest retractable roof, paired with a fake volcano and artificial sand.

Széchenyi Medicinal Bath (City Park, Budapest, Hungary)

This medicinal bath is the largest in Europe. Its water is sourced out from two thermal springs and has a temperature of 74°C and 77°C.

San Alfonso del Mar (Algarrobo, Chile)

Located 95 kilometers from Santiago, this spot is not your ordinary one because it’s the world’s largest swimming pool.

Swimming Pool near Lindos (Rhodes, Greece)




Badeschiff an der Arena (Berlin, Europe)

Talk about unusual, this pool floats on the Spree in front of Arena Berlin. You can take a swim here while enjoying the panoramic view of the city center.

Royal Caribbean International MS Voyager of the Sea

Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Sea features fifteen decks, ten pools and whirlpools, and thirteen bars and clubs. But the one (pictured above) is quite unusual because of its location.

Nemo 33 (Uccle, Belgium)

Previously the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool until the construction of Y-40 in Padua, the Nemo 33 still is amazing with a depth of 34.5 meters. It contains 2,500,000 liters of nonchlorinated and highly filtered spring water.

 Unusual as they may look, but these pools could give you the most refreshing swim you can ever have. On your next trip, be sure to check them out.

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