7 Cutest Boutique Hotels Around the World to Stay at

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While some prefer the luxury of a five star hotel, others go for cozy vibes and the elegance of tiny resorts that provide a more personal experience than having to stay in a five hundred room house and take a long ride in the elevator to get a rest.

If you plan to have a more intimate vacation this summer, take our advice and book a room on one of these seven charming boutique hotels around the globe.

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Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany, Italy

Borgo Santo Pietro is named as the Best Italian Retreat by Harper’s Bazaar and one of the Top 20 International Hideaways by Andrew Harper Reader’s Choice Award in 2014. It is a luxury hotel that brings calm and relaxation to their guests through their 13th century inspired villas in a comfortable but stylish setting.

Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses, Greece

Greece has a lot of amazing resorts and beautiful, romantic structures and one of them is the Poseidonion Grand Hotel. First built in 1914, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel is set in the Dapia Port area that gives a fantastic view of the sparkling sea.

Taveuni Palms Resort in Taveun, Fiji

Last year’s TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awardee, Taveuni Palms is set in the white sand beach of Fiji Island perfect for honeymooners and private vacationers.

Sanctum Soho in London, UK

Two old townhouses in the Warwick Street were reinvented into one beautiful and cozy boutique hotel and they call it Sanctum Soho. Sanctum Soho has a secret roof top terrace, a hydro hot-tub and an elegant cinema screening room.

Entre Cielos in Mendoza, Argentina

Known to be a tiny luxury wine resort in Argentina, Entre Cielos gives the tourists a lovely setting of a hotel in the vineyard which is known to produce the world’s finest Malbec wines.

Maison 140 in Beverly Hills, California

Situated near Rodeo Drive where you can find high end boutiques and shops, Maison 140 is strategically built to give you a lovely shopping experience and one of the best night life experiences you can every have while on vacation.

Layana Resort and Spa in Koh Lanta, Thailand

An adult resort welcoming only guests over eighteen years old, Layana Resort boasts of its Thai culture and modern luxury. It offers a beautiful view of the sunset over the Andaman Sea and it has over fifty elegant Thai rooms and villas in a widespread landscape in Koh Lanta.

Give yourself a break and take on a privy summer vacation away from the crowd where you can be yourself and get up close with the things that you always dreamed of.

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