The Hottest Water Slides Found All Across Europe

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Ever wonder what its like to travel in time like Mr. Peabody, Sherman and the gang? Picture out going through a black hole with flickering lights around, a a dizzying pattern of circles and lines that transport you into a different dimension. That’s what exactly what you would experience with this latest trend in water parks in Europe.

These crazy slides will not only give you the adrenaline rush you need as you slide from the top down to the pool, it will also take you to a different height of your imagination as you go with the flow and explore the other world inside the pipe that leads you to a plunge.

1. XXL Monster Tower Water Slide at Sonnentherme

XXL Monster ride is known to be the longest water slide in Austria measuring 270 metres long.

2. Aquapark Olomouc – Black Hole

Located in Czech Republic, Aquapark Olomouc is a 355,220 square feet water park in the district of Pod Vlachovym. One of their major attractions, the Yellow Switchback, features a black hole effect inside a 1.2 diameter pipe slide


3. Aquapark Olomouc  – Space Bowl

Another attraction in Aquapark Olomouc is the Space Bowl, a red and white turbo slide with a funnel.

4. Bowl Slide in Badeland Wolfsburg

Badeland Wolfsburg or Wolfsburg water park is the largest adventure park in Northern Germany. It is located in the Aller Park of the city and it is also known to be one of the most visited water parks in Germany.

5. Aqualand Köln – Space

Aqualand in Cologne, Germany is where you can find the ultimate relaxation and adrenaline rush at the same time from their wave pool to their rapid slides.


These water slides vary with their difficulty level according to your preference. So, are you up for the challenge?

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