Top Designer Pools and Spas – Part 2


There’s no denying that everyone loves a good bath early in the morning or after a long day of work. While some go to the spa and public pools to take a dip, others take the matter into their own hands and put the pleasure right in front of their door or at the backyard.

Check out these top designer pools and spa all around the globe that makes you want to take a plunge or build one on your garden.

Hilltop Pools

pool 1

pool 2

Get a refreshing view of nature with a pool on your backyard that gives you an amazing view of the woodlands.

Villa Cesme Pool

Villa Cesme gives you a yacht experience while on the ground with this private villa surrounded with blue water.

Mediterranean Pools

pool 3



Get all out with your Mediterranean themed home with an equally Mediterranean inspired pools.

Well-Lighted Pools

pool 18

pool 4

pool 5



Take your date in a candle lit dinner at the side of these romantic pools and you’ll definitely get “yes” as an answer.

Symphony Pool

pool 6

Another amazing pool found in the homes of California is a symphony pool over an amazing green backdrop.

Chris Cline’s Pool

Chris Cline is living the life in his mega mansion situated at the North Palm Beach in Florida with an outdoor back gardens and an aquatic pool.

Pools with Platform

pool 7

pool 8

Make sure you can hold a party and be on top of the crowd or get some good music while having a cocktail dinner by placing a platform in the pool.



Infinity Pool with Glass Extension

pool 9

Looks like someone just got inspired by The Joule Hotel in Dallas Texas and took the inspiration into his own house.

Jagged Pools

pool 10

Get on the rocks with a jagged pool at the back of your house and swim for your everyday adventure.

Hawaiian Themed Pools

Wake up in a Hawaiian inspired pool and make everyday a vacation day.



Glass Pool

Swim like you are inside an aquarium and get a full view of your surroundings.

Caribbean Pool

Got some kids? Regal Pools have something fun for you that your little kiddos would truly love.

Spool Pool

pool 11

a pool and a spa gives you a soothing experience at the end of your day.

Pool with Fire Pit

pool 12

Atkinson Pools and Spas totally decked out an American home with an elegant free form pool and a lovely fire pit on the side.

Lazy River Pool

Lazy River Beach Home and Luxury Pool has an amazing lazy river pool complete with slide, swim up bar, Jacuzzi, fountains, waterfalls, firepit and propane grill.



Luxury Indoor Pools

pool 13

pool 14

In hot summer or cold winter, you can enjoy a revitalizing bath anytime with an indoor pool that gives you the comfort whatever the weather is.

Titanic Deluxe Belek Pool

Titanic Deluxe Belek has an amazing monochromatic pool in a attractive array of tiles.

Pool with Grass Cover

pool 15

Give it some natural vibes by incorporating grasses on your pool area.



Other Custom Pools

pool 16

pool 17

Bring out your imagination for a sensational swimming experience this these custom made pools.



Because sometimes, it takes a good bath to wash away your troubles, these pool owners did not waste a dime to invest something that soaks their burdens away.


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