Take a Dip into the World’s Largest Outdoor Swimming Pool

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The San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile houses the world’s biggest man-made pool. The gigantic lagoon is found in the City of Algarrobo, 62 miles west from the country’s capital of Santiago. It is so enormous that it rivals the size of twenty Olympic pools!

Creating a structure this size was costly, with the company allotting over 4 million dollars for its construction alone and another 4 million dollars for annual maintenance. But all their hard work had paid off,  as it was recognized as the world’s biggest resort pool by the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Below are breathtaking photos of the area, as well as the different activities you can actual do there:

1. Water Skiing


The pool runs up to 3,323 ft long and has a maximum depth of 11.5 ft, making it ideal for different water sports such as water skiing.

2. Jaw-Dropping Architecture


The pool was developed by acclaimed Chilean businessman and real estate developer Fernando Fischmann, along with his company, Crystal Lagoons. The eye for design is clearly there as evidenced by the aesthetically pleasing architecture.

3. Sailing and Kayaking


The pool is actually filled with filtered seawater pumped from the Pacific Ocean, so with its size and component, both sailing and kayaking are common activities.

4. Relaxing by the Pool


Who wouldn’t want to sit by the pool side without having to care who passes by? The view will give you one of the finest sunsets you won’t be able to find in big cities.

5. Floating Away


Say good-bye to cramped up public pools, you basically have a whole ocean sans sharks in here.

6. Group Boating!


In fact, a couple of people could probably fit into this boat.

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