These Cool Reversing Goggles Turn Images Upside Down

These Cool Reversing Goggles Turn Images Upside Down

Having these really cool reversing goggles will allow you to see the world from a different point of view. The plastic eyewear holds  two Dove plexiglass lenses, which turn an image upside down. You can adjust the settings so that you have a right-left inversion.

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Even when Leonardo da Vinci was alive (1452–1519), people have wondered about the way we view things through our eyes, specifically using the retina part of the eyeball. The image is received upside down, but when we see it, it is the right way up. American scientist George Stratton did an experiment in the 1890s, where he tried to see what would happen if he saw the world through an inverted prism. Four days into the experiment, he found that his brain had started compensating and he could see the images the right way up.

This is not a suggestion to recreate the Stratton experiment, but if you would like to see how it works, you can pick up these googles and view an upside down world. Trying to shake someone’s hand or pour water from a pitcher might be harder than it seems. Getting around when you are looking at a topsy turvy world will surely be difficult without a guiding hand.

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The way our human vision works is that we pick up an image, then the brain reverses the image in our retina. The goggles will only reverse the image up-down direction or left-right direction.

The kit for the glasses includes a lightweight plastic cover, two prism holders that are medium density fiberboard (MDF), two Dove prisms made of lightweight plexiglass, and a small file to smooth edges.

Minimal assembly is required. A protractor is needed to measure the right angle, and you will need to use adhesive to make the glasses. You can also paint the prism with a black color to improve the picture quality.

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It is made for adults 18 years and older. This product is made in Germany.

Safety Notice

Using these goggles will cause you to distort your normal orientation. You should not make any movements while wearing them in which you could fall or injure yourself. If you want to test the effects of having an inverted vision, you should wear the googles for at least one hour. Some people have reported feeling unwell from wearing the goggles too long. Should this happen to you, discontinue using the product. Do not drive, drink alcohol, or operate heavy machinery when wearing reversing goggles.

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