See Footage of Man Dancing Inside a Giant Rainbow Slinky: YES, ITS REAL

See Footage of Man Dancing Inside a Giant Rainbow Slinky: YES, ITS REAL

The strange video clip, posted by Spanish radio announcers, showcases a man inside what looks to be a human sized, rainbow-colored Slinky dancing all over a stage to create mind-blowing and flashback-worthy shapes!


See Footage of Man Dancing Inside a Giant Rainbow Slinky 1

This video of a giant, dancing ‘slinky’ has become somewhat of an internet sensation, thanks to its trippy visual display.




The footage, which has racked up thousands of likes on Facebook, features a man inside a giant slinky costume dancing to music and creating mesmerising shapes.

Using the stretchy capabilities of the slinky suit, he stretches the length of the stage and even reaches the roof of the theatre.

Human slinky

Launched in the 1940s, the Slinky is a toy made up of a helical spring that can perform a number of tricks, including travelling down a flight of stairs.

The video was originally posted by radio personality, Eduardo Sotelo or “Piolín” (Spanish for Tweety Bird), as his listeners know him.




The DJ has often caught the attention of his listeners on his show, el Show de Piolín, due to his on-air antics and strange show format.

He was recently added to the Radio Hall Of Fame and has been named top Spanish Personality on a number of occasions.

Apparently, there’s a similar costume for sale on eBay for upwards of $1 million bucks! So if you have that laying around, this could all be yours.

The costume is priced at $1,000,000 and is on sale on eBay; with the ‘Buy-It-Now’ tag attached to it, the previous owner of the costume is not willing to negotiate over the price. The person who buys the costume will be contributing to a good cause, because 10% of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

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The costume already holds a celebrity reputation, already have appeared on the David Letterman show and in America’s Got Talent. The new owner of the costume will have a 5 year permission to use the costume for world wide performances with 0 limitations.