See It to Believe It: This Iconic Gymnastics Routine Will Blow You Away

See It to Believe It: This Iconic Gymnastics Routine Will Blow You Away

When one says the word “diva,” most people think about Beyoncé or Lady Gaga. For the people of the University of California, Los Angeles, however, their diva goes by the name of Sophina de Jesus. Check her gymnastics routine here.

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Sophina was a senior at UCLA and a gymnast, and one day, she earned the admiration of her cheering peers when she delivered a breathtaking and astounding floor routine in a certain sports meet against UCLA’s rival, Utah. Her performance was so amazing that you would need to see it to believe it.

From the onset, she already does some pretty amazing gymnastics choreography, like this unbelievable stunt that looks like it belongs in the Super Bowl halftime show. Beyoncé and Lady Gaga would be shook.

But then she goes ahead and does this split, and everyone watching her went wild.


You’d think that’s all there is to it, but there’s more. She injects some lit dance moves to her routine, like this Nae Nae.

And then finally, she finished with a Dab that would have made Cam Newton cry proud tears of joy.

By the time she finished her performance, all the members of the audience were already on their feet, wildly cheering and clamoring for a perfect 10 score for Sophina.

She got the final score of 9.925, which should have been a perfect 10, if you were to ask us.

Sophina is both an incredibly talented artistic gymnast and dancer, and she definitely showed those two sides of her in her magnificent routine. She was a member of the UCLA Bruins gymnastics team from the year 2012 until 2016, when she graduated. Coming from Puerto-Rican and African-American roots, Sophina went on to bigger things when she performed on The Ellen Degeneres Show in February 2016.

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