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Selena Gomez Controversial Romance

Love is a mysterious game, and some of the world’s most famous people have succumbed to its whims. The recent announcement that Selena Gomez, a former cast member of Wizards of Waverly Place, is dating Benny Blanco has shocked the entertainment industry. Rather than congratulating the two, many commentators and fans appear to fizzle out in this unexpected romance.

The Backlash Begins

Instead of congratulating the Single Soon singer on her newfound love, fans have been skeptical of the relationship. Many people have expressed their thoughts on Benny Blanco not being good enough for Selena Gomez. She has drawn criticism for the romantic linkups with the record producer from fans and other online users. Following the outcry, a series of tweets about Blanco were posted on Selena Gomez’s Charts, a profile devoted to providing updates about the singer.

Questionable Online Antics

The producer, born in Virginia, has also been involved in several bizarre online antics over the years. Because of this, fans found it difficult to accept him as Gomez’s boyfriend. Selena Gomez Charts posted a list of Blanco’s problematic posts on X on December 15, 2023, which came as a shocking revelation. As stated in the caption, the account: “Meet the weird and disturbing behavior of Selena Gomez’s boyfriend.”

The Controversial Tweets

The thread’s first screenshot is from a 2011 tweet written by Blanco. He praised Israel and mentioned Drake, saying the rapper makes him proud to be Jewish, though it is unclear what the context is. In response to the tweet, Selena Gomez Charts referred to Blanco as a “Zionist.”

In the following tweet, Blanco shared a TikTok video of a dog strutting around with his obscenely large phallus. The subtext “like father, like dog” was added by the producer, suggesting that the dog and his owner—Blanco in this case—share this same characteristic. Selena Gomez Charts posted two more TikTok videos that Blanco had previously shared in their third tweet. In other tweets, the 35-year-old made a joke about a man posing as Jesus Christ on a cross.

The next screenshot showed how Blanco wrote that Icelandic singer-songwriter and composer Björk does not look good as she approaches the age of 50. Moreover, alongside his alleged “obsession” with Justin Bieber, he also flaunted his friendship with Scooter Braun on the internet.

Gomez, 31, is not afraid to stand up for Blanco, even though many people still find it difficult to see the positive side of their relationship.

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco’s History

A Pre-existing Connection

Benny Blanco has Known Selena Gomez for Quite Some Time. Benny Blanco previously collaborated with Selena Gomez on the single I Can’t Get Enough in 2019. She appeared to validate their romance in December 2023 when she liked several posts rumored to be between them. After that, she posted a selfie to her Instagram Story featuring the two of them. In response to one of her fans, she wrote in a comment: “He is my absolute everything in my heart. then why has he been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The end.” Saying to a different user: “Lol yeah and he’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Facts.”

A Renowned Collaborator

Over the years, Blanco has collaborated with a number of A-list performers; among them are Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Kesha, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Kanye West, and two of Gomez’s former boyfriends, the Weeknd and Justin Bieber. Furthermore, in collaboration with Interscope Records, he established two record labels, Friends Keep Secrets and Mad Love Records.