20 Super Spooky Halloween Decorations perfect for this Halloween

20 Super Spooky Halloween Decorations perfect for this Halloween


Halloween is coming up fast. So, it is time to think about how to amp up the scare factor of your decorations this year. If you love this time of year as much as we do, we know it will be quite fun to create a scary scene for the trick or treaters, who come knocking on your door that night.

Skull-Headed Spider

Use wire to make your own oversized spider legs. Paint or wrap it in black then place a plastic skull on top.

Framed Doily Spiderwebs

Mix something feminine with a creepy crawler and it becomes a hundred times spookier. A framed doily with a spider is the perfect example. If you hang it crookedly it adds to the haunted house effect.

Hands coming out of a Pond

Go all out and decorate the outdoors. Placing fake hands in a pond or other water feature will make the place extra scary at night. This is easy to do, but the scare factor is high.

Spiderweb Railing

Try adding spiderwebs on your railings. If you have a removable railing post, you can try to place it there, but for safety reasons, it’s best to add the spiderwebs near the bottom of the staircase. If you’d like a decoration you can easily clear away, use black yard to create a web over the railings.

Witch’s Legs

You’ll need mannequin legs with striped tights and shoes. Stick them upside down in a big pot. This is more funny than scary, but it’s still a great decorating idea.




Candles Dripping Blood

Take a red candle and melt it over a white one so the red wax runs down it like blood. It’s a very simple and straightforward scary piece.

Bloody Handprint

If you run out of time for decorating, red poster paint will be your new best friend. Place some “bloody” handprints on the window and you’re done.

Chopped Finger Ringing a Doorbell

Severed body parts are a classic Halloween staple. This particular decor will make you want to cringe and laugh at the same time.

Freaky Dolls

Take some dolls and turn them into zombies with some red paint and ripped clothing. Scatter them throughout your front yard to ward off visitors.




Cockroach on the Lampshade

It may just be a paper cutout, but this simple Halloween decoration has a large impact. Attach the fake bug to the inside of the lampshade.

Spider Pod People

Wrap fake skulls in cheesecloth and hang them from the ceiling, then top them off with spiders.

Black and White Ink Prints

Limiting your color scheme to black and white is artistic, but it also adds a certain creepy element to your decors.

Bats Flying

Make bats our of cardstock and let them takeover an entire wall. You can make them look like they are flying out the window.

Snake Behind Glass

Keep a rubber snake in striking position behind a glass cloche.




Cheesecloth Spirits

Simply glue cheesecloth on mannequin heads and hang them from the ceiling. Use a fan on low speed for the full ghostly effect.

Glass Dome Head

This is probably the creepiest one on the list. A severed head wrapped in cheesecloth is very disturbing.

Cheesecloth-Covered Black Tablecloth

This is a basic idea that is not scary on its own, but paired with other Halloween decorations it can really bring chills down your spine. Make the background dark, so that it stands out.

Skewed Décor

Keep a few things crooked. Hang photos askew. Stack the books haphazardly. Keeping things asymmetrical will add to the chilling ambiance.

Chandelier Cobwebs

Floor to ceiling cobwebs will add to the festivities. Make the cobwebs thin to make them more realistic.




DIY “Nevermore” Tree

This Edgar Allan Poe and ravens-inspired decor are the perfect ingredients for nearly any scary Halloween party.

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