Amazing Backflips That You Have to See to Believe

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Just like how Converse says, “Shoes are boring; wear sneakers,” your usual stunts are boring, so do some backflips.

Backflip is an acrobatic stunt, a sequence of body movements in which a person leaps into the air and then rotates one or more times while airborne. These flips are classified according to the direction the performer is heading. While these flips are commonly done in acro dances, gymnastics, and cheerleading, other people use it as part of an ordinary dance to spice up the performance.

Backflips are always fun to watch, even if you are someone who doesn’t know anything about dances. So we gathered videos from around the Web of the most amazing backflips. Check them out.

10 Backflips at Once

 Longest Backflip


On September 1, 2007, Guinness Book of World Records awarded Tommie Bonds from United States of America the certificate declaring him as the man who did the longest backflip in the world. Tommie did the backflip in the set of Guinness, and it measured 3.75 meters long or 12 feet and 3 inches, beating the previous record of 3.11 meters.

Backflip with Circle of Friends



Hillary Duff’s Slow-Motion Backflip


Amazing Backflip


A kid is seen walking through the void this girl created when she did a backflip. That was . . . close.

Double Backflip


Best Friends’ Backflip


This stunt is not something you can just try doing if you’re bored though. It requires practice, practice, and practice. Just like any other stunt, it can be dangerous too. So if you are not on for the risk, then it is better and perhaps sufficient to just be amazed by these people’s jaw-dropping moves.

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