82-Year-Old Skydiver- You Have to See Her in Action

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Most people are anchored to the principle of maturity at a certain age. They believe that at some point of a person’s life, one should peak and grow up as an adult. We should make practical decisions rather than focusing on having fun. Figuring life out is what it is all about.

However, 82-year-old Dylis has a different opinion in mind. At her age, she holds the record for the oldest female skydiver in the world.

“People come up to me and say, ‘Oh, be careful.’ I think, That’s ridiculous. What a better way to die? Having fun!” she would say.

Dylis also added, “I used to be so scared that I would drive the car up to the drop zone and think, I could go back. I don’t have to stay here. But I knew if I went away, I would never come back again. So the ecstasy was more than the fear.”

Looking back at the growing pattern of decisions in her life, Dylis decided to let go of the past and embrace the present. Today, she dedicates her life to a nonprofit charity, which helps adults with developmental disabilities.

But when she takes a day off, she turns into a badass and enjoys a leap into the skies while plummeting at the speed of gravity.



“You’re a bird for 50 seconds and imagine! You can go at 140 miles an hour, you can do a barrel roll, you can flip, you can move here, you can move there. You can join up with people. It is unbelievably wonderful. I won’t stop until I know it’s not safe.”



Watch the 82-year-old female skydiver in the video below.


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