Meet the Canadian Family of World Champion Arm Wrestlers

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Joyce is idolized by her family members. She weighs 180 pounds and has 17-inch arms. They are in awe of her record-breaking achievements in the sport.

Joyce has always been a tomboy, and she became interested in the sport as a child when she would play with her siblings, three brothers, and three sisters.

When Joyce turned 30, she became interested in the world of arm wrestling. Looking back, she says, “My first matches were pretty simple. There was only a couple of smaller ladies who weren’t very athletic and so I won easily. I got more confident and decided to take it on more seriously.”

Her first world title was won in 2003, and since then she has gone on to win 12 more. At that point there was one last challenge before she could consider herself the best in the world.

She says she considers herself the best in the world in 2006 because she was able to beat the heavyweight champion from Russia Liliya Khamidullina. She is the only person to beat her. They went up against each other at the Ultimate Arm wrestling in Las Vegas.

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