Meet the Canadian Family of World Champion Arm Wrestlers

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To keep themselves in top shape, the King women endure gym workouts, technique training at least three times a week, and eat protein-rich diets.

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Derek Wilson has helped them with strength training for the last two ears. He says that they are the strongest arm wrestler family in Canada. He is also very impressed with Joyce coming back to training after breaking her arm. He says, “You could put her up against a 250-pound guy or a bodybuilder and if he doesn’t have good technique, then forget it, she will pummel him every time.”

The training has transformed the women’s feminine features, but Joyce’s husband Alan isn’t complaining.

He used to compete but quit after he broke his arm. He says Joyce could beat him because she is stronger. He says he is not embarrassed to admit that because she beats guys bigger than him. He also likes her big muscles, and is proud of her achievements.

The next challenge for Joyce will be the Arnold Classic Worldwide in Ohio, USA.

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