This Amazing Artist Takes a Light Pen and Does Something Unbelievable …Your Jaw is About to Drop


The Arabic alphabet is among the most beautiful and artistic set of characters used today. This is probably because of its graceful arcs and fluid strokes. Although language as art is not that new, Julien Breton has thought of a fresh way to celebrate the written word.

Otherwise known as Kaalam, Breton started calligraphy in 2001 by imitating Arabic calligraphers. Though he is just self-taught, he eventually practiced light calligraphy, which involves choreography and calligraphy.

Breton specializes if the so-called “photographic light calligraphy”. It is an art form in which he uses a light pen to create life-sized Arabic letters set against a dark landscape. In order to create the curves of the abstracted Arabic letters, Breton should move his whole body, similar to what a dancer does. He somewhat immerses himself in the landscape and in the environment.

Breton’s art isn’t all about calligraphy. It touches other avenues of creativity, such as photography, performance, dance, and graffiti. When all of these are combined, Breton is able to create one beautiful masterpiece.

While the lit up letters are impermanent, they still leave an indelible mark on their environment. Luckily, we get to seem them all through photographs.

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The Light Calligraphy of Julien Breton


The Light Calligraphy of Julien Breton



Watch Breton perform in these videos


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