He Makes Sand Sculptures Unlike Anyone Else in The World- Amazing



Also known as Grain Damaged, Carl Jara is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, who is known for his award-winning sand sculptures. According to Jara, he recognized his dream of becoming an artist at an early age.

So, after high school, he studied Illustration and Graphic Design at the Myers School of Art. However, later on, he realized he didn’t want to become a graphic designer or an illustrator. Instead, he wanted to become a sculptor. After winning nine world championships, it was already clear for him that his desire was really to sculpt.

Now, he works as an Exhibits Artisan/Technician at the Cleveland Museum of National History. He was best noted for helping in the installation of Sue, the largest T-Rex ever found.

Here are some Carl’s incredible and award-winning sand sculptures:

1. Goddess

Won a Silver Medal at 2013 World Championships in Chelsea Heights, Atlantic City, NJ, USA.

2. Beowulf

3. What Lies Beneath

Won Gold Medal World Championship, People’s Choice Medal, and Sculptors’ Choice Medal. 2008 World Championships at Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada.

4. Lamb



5. Infinity

Won Gold Medal and People’s Choice Award at Hampton Beach 2013.

6. Unfurl

Gold Medal at 2012 Tournament of Champions at Steel Lake, Federal Way, WA, USA

7. Powerless

Silver Medal and People’s Choice at Texas Sand Fest 2013 in Port Aransas, Texas, USA

8. Muse

Won Bronze Medal at Treasure Island 2010 at Boca Ciege, St. Petersburg, FL, USA.


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