Artist Draws Insanely Good Portraits of Celebrities with Just Toothpaste


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Ramos live in Orlando, Florida. He explains his craft, saying, “It is very difficult to make these as the toothpaste becomes very sticky and dries quickly. The smell can also be quite overwhelming, which was challenging during the long days of up to 10 hours painting.”

Originally from Mexico, he started painting when he was five years old. In his career, he has produced different types of artwork, which include making one from candies and recycled cans.

Depending on the size of the picture, he can use between 20 and 30 tubes of toothpaste. He finger paints the first layer, then lets it dry before continuing.

After the first layer dries, he starts on the next layer so that the portraits can have the depth and tones that they require. The multiple layers are necessary because toothpaste can become almost transparent when dry. He applies multiple coats to get the color he wants. For the smallest details, he uses brushes to get the right look.

His most recent celebrity portrait is of the late comedy legend Robin Williams. It will be auctioned for charity, and the money will be used to support those suffering from depression.

Ramos explains his artwork, saying, “I thought it would be the best way to honor a man who gave his life to make us laugh. That’s why I wanted to do the works in toothpaste as this is associated with your best smile, and that was what he gave us—laughter and smiles.”

His other works have been exhibited in different galleries in New York, Hollywood, and Florida.

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