This Artist Takes Thread and Wire and Creates Art Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before


Yong-won Song is a Korean artist. He takes the perspective of a writer that combines real life and imagination to sculpt surreal subjects. The artist’s works explore the mind. From dreams and nightmares to fantasy and reality, Yong Won Song creates life-size thread and wire sculptures. His works look like scribbles coming into life.

According to the artist, “My work attempts to present ‘a world of dream’ as a combination of unconsciousness and consciousness.”

Song’s creations are the the representations of unconscious. They are incomplete because they reflect the haziness of the memories of dreams. These are his scattered thoughts that he pieces together in his wakefulness.

Here are some of Yong Won Song’s artworks.

Scroll down for video



Alone( Units)

Quadruped gait#1(SOLD)

Augmented reality+Horse-Seoul(SOLD)

Augmented reality+Alone

Augmented reality+alone 2

Augmented reality+Deer

Watch the video below

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