This Artist Creates Stunning Murals, But She Doesn’t Use Paint …This is Too Cool!


Unlike other artists, Chicago-based Mary Ellen Croteau creates her masterpiece not with paints and canvass, but with garbage.

Piles of trash has never been this exquisite after Croteau gathered more than 7,000 plastic bottle caps made from non-recyclable petroleum in an attempt to save the environment and transformed them into a work of art. The result is an 8 feet by 7 feet self portrait in different colored caps in different sizes.

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According to Croteau:

“I firmly believe in the power of the visual, and my work is my voice: a social critique and a visual challenge to all the cultural detritus we are force-fed every day. My art is about looking at things in a slightly different way, and is intended to undermine the status quo with wit and humor.”

Watch her video below

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