Artist Who Uses Scary Makeup to Rule YouTube with Her Creativity …Check Out her Tutorials!

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Have you ever came across the hashtag #WCW on social media? Apparently, #WCW or Women Crush Wednesday is a trend where people share photos of females that they admire.

Meet Alexys Fleming, better known as Lex Fleming. It may not be Wednesday when you read this, but you can share her artistic works with the hashtag #WCW.

When she was still in high school, she started her YouTube channel Madeyewlook. She used this as an outlet to express her hidden creativity, also to cope with constant bullying and recent diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes.

After four years, Fleming has made a booming business out of her passion. She managed to gather more than 103 million views on her body art tutorials and even established her own makeup company, T1D.

Fleming’s video tutorials show her going all out recreating cultural icons, horrifying monsters, and innovative characters using her face as a canvass. Some of her works are Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Mad Hatter, and in respect to Halloween, she showed her viewers how to make peeled skin and scary zombie bite marks. Fleming makes complicated looking makeup easy-as-ABCs in her ten-minute video tutorials. Even beginners can easily accomplish the tutorials she uploads on her channel.





Aside from her profound love for creativity, Fleming is also strongly against bullying on YouTube. If you happen to visit her channel bio, you can see her addressing the social issue head on, stating,

“Please do not bully or leave negative comments on here toward me, or others. Always be kind, you never know what is happening in someone else’s life.”



She deeply believes that makeup has a healing power because it allows people to build self-confidence, cover up scars, and find their inner beauty. It’s a good thing that she does not walk alone in this path. Some notable examples are viral videos like “Power of Makeup” trend and “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup” by Amy Schumer. All are speaking up against makeup shaming in the beauty community.

YouTube makeup artists like Lex Fleming, Pixiwoo, and Kandee Johnson have widened the genre of beauty way beyond the ordinary makeup tutorials. They are pushing individuals to go further and expose their creative side both for passion and for self-improvement.



Here are some of Fleming’s amazing makeup art tutorials: