Born with No Arms, See This Woman’s Incredible Talent


“If you really want something, there are a million ways to have it. If you don’t, there are a million excuses.”

Swapna Augustine, who was born with no arms, turned out to be an amazing resident of Ernakulam.

When she was still a child, Swapna has always done things all by herself. Because of her courage, she discovered a lot of amazing skills and talents just like drawing and painting with her feet. The confidence she is radiating is highly remarkable.


She found out about her talent in art when she was still a schoolgirl. What made it more heartwarming was the never-ending support from her family and teachers. Swapna said in an interview, “The whole credit for my achievements goes to the almighty and my parents who motivated me to fight against the challenges. We are all capable of achieving success, but we just forget to look beyond the obstacles that we face.”




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Because she is mostly seen in social activities, Swapna uses this opportunity to showcase her works of art to students. Her magnificent work also made it into print because some get featured and published in youth magazines and newsletters. She continues to inspire youth up to this day.

Here are some of her paintings that are nothing but magnificent:

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Watch Swapna Augustine videos below.


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