Car Bumper Scratched? No Problem, Just Doodle It!

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Collen Kelton has Nissan Skyline GT-R, and like so many of us who park in grocery store parking lots, the bumper suffered a scratch.

So the creative solution?  His wife, Allison La Valleycovered the car’s entire body with an artistic design using Sharpies and saved hundreds from their their pockets on a paint job.

Collen thought of getting a paint job but trusted his wife’s artistic side to manage the makeover for his ride. Turned out, the end product of her Sharpie magic is totally amazing.

Check out its unbelievable transformation below.

This was a photo of the bland 1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R before its unexpected transformation.

Allison made her hubby tense when she started painting it.

Completing the bumper was all that Collen needed to see to give Allison the freedom to complete the entire body of his Skyline.

Allison worked wholeheartedly on the design every free moment she had.

Car or art enthusiasts will appreciate the cool collaboration of elements of its intricate design.

Allison’s attention to detail is quite amazing in the completion of this piece.

Car fenders littered their home as Allison’s stepped throughout the process.

Contours of the car made her work difficult.

The weather didn’t stop Allison from finishing her stunning work of art.

First shot of the semi-completed rear fender

Slowly coming together

Almost done!

A lot of hours went into this transformed Skyline GT-R.

The striking shot of the finished product. Allison’s husband appreciates the design of this doodled car.

Drawing attention no matter where it goes, who would ever thought that someone can create this piece of art with just a Sharpie?

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