China’s Rice Paddy Art Theme Park will Amaze You



China is the most populous country in the world. In 2015, there is a reported number of 1,361,512,535 people living in China. In a country that has a land area of 9,596,961 square kilometers, it is a known fact that China holds a large percentage of the world’s population.

But these more than a billion people are there for nothing. Aside from being once tagged as the top manufacturer in the world, there has been a round of viral pictures of something amazing that is only exclusive in China.

The rice paddies stretch across 453,000 square meters (or 4,876,051 square feet or the same area as more than 80 football fields) as one of the biggest canvases for rice-based art in the world.

This is China’s Rice Paddy Art Theme Park. It is a rice field in Shenyang City, located in China’s northeastern province Liaoning. The 453,000 m2 theme park opened last year and has been attracting a lot of visitors. It is one of the biggest canvases for rice-based art in the world.

A set of enormous 3-D images has showed up in a rice field in the city of Shenyang, a city in China's northeast province, Liaoning. And they put any crop circles you've seen to shame.

In order to attract more tourists, farmers are assigned to grow different patterns each year.

These are not products of Photoshop, but rather the result of the hard work of a group of farmers. It is made by planting different kinds of rice that come in various colors and heights. These farmers are obliged to make new patterns each year to attract more tourists. Aside from the rice fields, camping, rafting, and weddings can also be held in the park.

These aren't the result of aliens or ancient civilizations. Instead, they're the handiwork of Chinese farmers as part of a theme park that opened last year.



Shenyang, the home of the theme park, is one of the main cities of the Sibe people, an ethnic group in China. According to the China Daily, one of the Sibe's traditions is creating rice field art to pray for blessings.

And in case you still have doubts, here’s a close-up picture of a farmer meticulously planting rice.

Here's a close-up of one of the designs for you cynical people out there who cry "Photoshop!"

The view from the fields up close hides the details you can see from afar, but still looks interesting to say the least.

The park's name is actually a pun: the movie Inception was translated into Chinese as Dao Meng Kong Jian, literally meaning "space of rice dreams."

Although the Sibe people who are occupying most of the city of Shenyang are known to make rice fields as a form of prayer for blessings, the result of their creativity is worth the visit.




Check more of their creations in the photos below.

The patterns that make the art look like more than just a field of rice is the result of different rices being planted — different colors and heights of rice are very deliberately chosen.


While the rice paddy graphics are clearly the main attraction, the park is also equipped with facilities for camping, weddings, and rafting.



Here’s a footage from Xinhua, showing the view of the fields from above.



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