Concept Behind the 3D Interactive Sandbox is Simple Yet Mind-boggling …You’ve Got to Check It Out

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Playing in the sandbox is a fun and exciting activity, especially for kids. This allows them to create rivers, lakes, tunnels, and volcanoes, purely from their imagination.

So, the researchers at UC Davis thought of a way to bring to life the imaginary scenes in the minds of the youngsters using interactive 3D projection technology. They call their invention the AR Sandbox.

With the help of a projector, an interactive topographic map with real-time contour and elevation, is displayed in the sandbox

It also works alongside a Kinect



If you want to create valleys and hills that match a certain landscape, the computer will make the necessary changes in the projection

This new technology isn’t just amusing. It is also a fun way to teach kids some geography lessons

Below is a photo of the AR Sandbox, unveiled at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center.



Today, different museums from all over the world are making their own fun and interactive sandboxes



Watch how this amazing sandbox works in the video below:


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