Eye-Opening 3-D Drawings Using Her Girlfriend’s Back …A Big Wow!


Everybody appreciates 3-D art. Whether it is in the form of street art or simple 3-D drawings, these stunning works create the allusion that a simple drawing can look real. Honestly, with just some hard work and the correct angle, one can achieve a very realistic effect.

Natasha Farnsworth, 20, is an expert when it comes to three-dimensional art. With only a paintbrush, acrylic paint, a palette, and the back of her girlfriend as a canvas, she can create optical illusions that has her followers on social media looking twice.

Every time she posts something new, she manages to exceed everybody’s expectations, transforming her work space into something refreshing like a waterfall or something out-of-this-world like the universe.

Marvel at some of her creations below.

Watch a video right here


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