Find Out How You Can Spend A Night Inside This Iconic Painting


Now you have the chance to step inside the head of one of the most famous artists in history. Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic painting Bedroom in Arles has been recreated in what could be the most creative rework in history.

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In a joint effort with Airbnb, the Chicago Art Institute is giving people a popped up version of Van Gogh’s iconic painting. The results are enchanting, as every single detail were followed from the color of the paint to the smallest details.

The holiday rentals site has quickly garnered several views, curious on the output of this 3-D masterpiece.

The Bedroom in Arles was actually created by Van Gogh in three versions. The 3-D re-imagination of it is a combination of the three designs. All of the actual paintings can be found in the Chicago museum.

“This room will make you feel like you’re living in a painting. It’s decorated in a Post-Impressionist style, reminiscent of Southern France and times gone by. Its furniture, bright colours, and artwork will give you the experience of a lifetime” the Airbnb advertisement reads.

The rather romantic listing certainly does not disappoint. Take a look at the photos and judge for yourself:

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