This Fire Station Crew Turned Old Firehoses Into An Epic American Flag


To become a firefighter, you need to have courage, you have to be brave, and you should be willing to sacrifice yourself to save others. Those are the qualities a firefighter is known for.

But some firefighters don’t want to get stuck in the same impression. A group of firefighters in Colonel Heights proved that they’re not only brave and strong, they also have creativity. That’s when they decided to reuse an old fire hose into an American flag. The end result is totally amazing!

A group of firefighters decided to reuse an old fire hose.


They used a pressure washer with chlorox and water on it to remove the dirt while still keeping the worn-out effect.


After cleaning the strips of the hose, they then started painting the strips with blue.


They let the blue paint dry before using red paint to alternate the stripes.


timthumb (1)



They used a template to carefully paint the stars.

timthumb (2)

They fixed the couplings with screws after the adhesive and paint had dried. The purpose is to prevent the weight of the couplings from pulling the hose away from the board.

timthumb (3)

They used spray adhesive and staples to glue the end of the hose strips to the back of the board.

timthumb (4)

The firemen put their names at the back of the board. It took them dedication and hard work to have the American flag finished.

timthumb (5)

After they finished the project, they decided to put it on sale for only $50.

timthumb (6)



Three of the firemen who worked hard to finish the project present the final piece of art of the American flag.

timthumb (7)

After it was finished, the flag was placed on display at the Fire Station in Colonel Heights.

timthumb (8)

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