This Giant Rabbit Was Found Laying on Some Farmland …How it Got There is Quite Impressive

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Giant Rabbit Appears, Lays Down On Farmland

Florentijn Hofman, a Dutch artist who introduced the giant rubber duck and the gigantic floating hippo to the world, has created yet another giant creature – a giant rabbit.

Last year, Hofman unveiled his creation in Taoyuan, Taiwan during the Taoyuan Land Arts Festival. Located on top of an old school aircraft hangar, the 82-foot sculpture of a white rabbit was facing the sky. It was made out of styrofoam, wood, and waterproof paper.

According to locals, Hofman’s creation was his take on the traditional Chinese folklore of the lunar rabbit.

Giant Rabbit Appears, Lays Down On Farmland

As the legend goes, there was once a famous archer who shot down all the lights in the sky except for one. His skill impressed the ancient deities, so he was given an elixir of immortality. Because he didn’t want to leave his wife, he kept the elixir hidden at home.

In the long run, the wife ends up drinking the elixir and becomes a moon spirit. She ascended to the moon and was accompanied by an inhabitant of the moon, the Jade Rabbit.

Giant Rabbit Appears, Lays Down On Farmland

Giant Rabbit Appears, Lays Down On Farmland

Watch the video of this giant rabbit below


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