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Glassblower Creates Incredible Tiny Glass Sculptures

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What else do you think could be made out of glass? Windows, doors, or floors perhaps? But they’re all so common. Well, learn from this dude and be amazed at the things one could actually make out of glasses.

Meet Kiva Ford, a degree holder in scientific glassblowing, who makes tiny glass sculptures and whose works have been featured in New York Times and InStyle magazine.

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Kiva Ford

Ford’s passion for this craft began in early life. What started as something only to make beakers and other scientific instruments turned to a hobby of making miniature sculptures of bottles, flowers, and even animals. Check out some of his works in the pictures below.

A mini vase for your, perhaps, mini table.

Miniature Vase in Green, Hand Blown Glass



Mini Glass Art

How perfect would these cute bottles be for your living room!

Little Glass Art



And here’s a skull Ford posted on his social networking accounts as a treat for last year’s Halloween.

Glass Skull

Glass Art



Colorful Glass

Kive Ford shared how he makes these masterpieces on this video below. See for yourself how keen he is with every detail just so he can come up with something worth feasting for his followers’ eyes.


Watch the video below:

Ford sells some of his creations, and you can shop for them on Etsy. He had also given a demonstration on glassblowing at the Corning Museum of Glass last May 21, 2015, in Corning, New York.


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