Halloween Costumes With A Killer Look …6 Amazing Makeup Transformations!


The makeup plays a big part when dressing up for Halloween. You can find many tutorials on YouTube on how to create the best and most realistic looks using makeup.  You can really turn your face into a work of art with expertly applied products.

Expert Level Character Makeup

This killer snail design requires latex and plastic and a whole lot of time just to create this gruesome effect. This is a lot of effort to go through, but the impact is absolutely terrifying.

Horrifying Face

While pretty princesses and fancy makeup are great options, Halloween is a good time to go scary. For great holiday makeup, invest in latex. BeautifulYouTV has an amazing zipper face tutorial that requires some supplies like paint and a zipper, but they should be easy enough to find.

Totally Bewitching


Go all out for Halloween with this elaborate witch makeup. Pixiwoo, a makeup vlogger, created this one-of-a-kind makeup that looks good enough to be in a Hollywood movie.

A Pop-Art Look

With this pop-art look you’ll turn yourself into something worthy to hang in a museum. This comic girl look by Shaaanxo is an easy-to-follow video tutorial.

Disney Does It

Promise Phan is beauty guru Michelle Phan‘s sister. Promise has a lot of Halloween makeup ideas, and she has plenty of options for Disney fans. For some frosted glam, why not be Queen Elsa from Frozen.



Paint Filters Inspired by Snapchat

If you want your Halloween makeup to go viral, try painting the Snapchat rainbow on your face. This has been done by plenty of beauty vloggers on  YouTube. The most popular is by RCL Beauty 101. She’ll teach you how to do the puking rainbow filter, creepy monster filter, and crying filter in one video.

With so many Halloween makeup tutorials online, you will be full of ideas for your own costume for October 31.


Watch these Halloween makeup tutorials: