These Ice Sculptures are Both Beautiful and Amazing, So Cool!


As the heat of the summer becomes more and more unbearable, we pray for the winter to come.

While waiting for the cold winds, we prepared a list that will make you pray harder. Here are some amazing ice sculptures that’ll make you wish for snowflakes to fall.

1. This sticky summer weather will become bearable when pigs fly.


2. Here’s a dragon who won’t breathe fire.


3. Under the sea is a good place to cool off.


4. Better not go into the Ice Cavern without this.


5. The coolest tribute to Seattle so far.


6. Not even the cold can kill this monster.


7. Happy Independence Day!

Instagram media creative_ice - Happy Fourth of July! #icesculpture #creativeice #America



8. The coolest Minion to ever grace the earth.


9. He really is The Special.



10. Shen Long has gone cold.



11. The new space suit is ready to be fit.



12. Shark attack!



13. Cool bear looking for a drinking buddy.





14. Frozen Dawn Treader is ready to sail.


15. The Ace of cool



16. Because you have to be reminded of your best catch.



17. Nice old-fashioned swans iced sculpture.


18. What could be a cooler way to serve drinks than this!


19. Optimus is known for his coolness, after all.



20. The coolest tribute to Hedwig


21. A perfect representation of Canada.



22. Ice-cold beer for cooler hangouts.



23. These glasses will make you look and feel cool.



24. Checkmate!


25. All of these. Especially the banana romancing the carrot.






Here are cool videos about ice sculptures.


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