Julian Beever’s 43 Marvelous 3D Pavement Drawings

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Turning a two-dimensional image from your head into a three-dimensional street chalk art is truly an amazing and rare talent.

Julian Beever is a English chalk artist who has been attempting to create trompe-l’œil chalk drawings on pavement surfaces which he started mid-1990s. Using a style of projection called anamorphosis, he coveys drawings of illusions which seem life-like if viewed at a certain angle.

We will give way to 43 of Julian Beever’s work, and we will just leave it up to his masterpieces to take you away into a three-dimensional daze.

1.  Lobster

2.  Spiderman

3.  DHL Boy

 4.  Arctic Street Conditions with Soft Drink

5.  Self-Portrait Of The Artist

6.  Arctic Street Conditions: Fishing

 7.  Pavements Lined With Gold

 8.  Meeting Mr. Frog

9.  Coke Bottle



10.  Dungeon

11.  Rembrandts with Rembrandts.

12.  Drawing for Worldcard in Istanbul

13.  Rescue

14.  The World’s Biggest Fly-Spray

15.  Homeless

16.  Making Mr. Snowman

17.  Waterpool with a chick, Redondo Beach, CA

 18.  Little and Large

19.  Time Square in Time Square

20.  Taking the plunge

21.  Beneath every street …



22.  Water rafting

23.  Batman and Robin

24.  Yorkshire Water

 25.  Two Worlds

26.  A slight accident on a building site in Vienna

27.  Ballantine’s

 28.  The Invisible Man

29. Placing the Orders

 30.  Slate

31.  Underground Bank at Bank Underground, London

32.  Holes on San Francisco pavement



 33.  Nokia Town?

34.  Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)

 35.  Transformer Robot

36.  Eiffel Tower Sand-Sculpture

37.  Meeting Madame Butterfly

38.  Politicians Meeting Their End

39.  Girl on a beach mat

40.  Push the boat out

41.  Swimming-Pool In The High Street (Glasgow, Scotland)

 42.  Waste of water…

43.  Pre-modernist and post-modernist



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