Hamburg’s ‘Lady of the Lake’ Sculpture

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Everyone expected her to be a work of art, but she turned out to be a sight too distracting and displeasing for many.

‘The Lady of the Lake’ Dubbed as Eyesore

She was called Die Badende or The Bather but more popularly known as The Lady of the Lake, a 67-foot sculpture protruding in the Outer Alster Lake in Hamburg, Germany. The Lady, which appeared to be a woman bathing, came in three pieces: her head with a blonde hair and her two feet. Expected to be a hot topic and a nationwide attraction, the sculpture became an object of ridicule instead, with spectators saying she was nothing but a distraction.

Even the district mayor of Hamburg, Markus Schreiber, expressed discontent, saying the sculpture was “sullying the beloved lake.”

Lady of the lake: The giant 'mermaid' will be on show at the Alster Lake in Hamburg for the next ten days

But despite the negative feedback, many people still traveled miles to take a look at the three-piece sculpture. In fact, locals and tourists were even renting rowing boats to get closer and take some pictures of and with her.

Controversial: District mayor Markus Schreiber has said that the giant 'mermaid' was 'sullying the beloved lake'

Although not well-received, the sculpture was built on good intentions. Its creator, Oliver Voss, the head of the Miami Ad School, said he only meant good when he created The Lady of the Lake.

He shared, “My team and I wanted to demonstrate this relationship in a fun and entertaining way. We also hope she will encourage more people to rediscover and experience our city by the water—after all, if the Inner Alster is the living room of Hamburg, of course someone should make themselves comfortable in it!”

Knees-up! Many rowers have approached the sculpture to get a closer look

For ten days starting on August 12, 2011, the sculpture was up for public viewing. But not even two weeks later, Voss and his team had to prepare a big towel to dry her off as she was hoisted out of the Alster lake.

Spooky: The bathing beauty will only be display for another ten days

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