Magical Experiment You Can Do With Bubbles …See What Happens When it Drops Below Freezing


Want to impress your kids?  When the temperature drops below freezing, dig out those summer soap bubble accessories and check out some really cool science experiments. Check it out through the pictures below.

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A native from Calgary has discovered a new kind of magic with the help of the cold weather, and the results are simply stunning.

Chris Ratzlaff makes magic from a simple soap bubble. Yes, that’s right. Soap bubble. It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie, and you’ll get to see how Ratzlaff makes a soap bubble outside in the freezing Calgary cold and watch, in real-time, as the bubble crystallizes, then freezes right before your eyes. See the step-by-step demo in a video at the bottom

Ratzlaff writes in the YouTube video description, “When it gets really cold outside, all you can do is have some fun with it. At -13°F, soap bubble mixtures freeze faster than they pop, resulting in some very fascinating effects! When it gets this cold, I can often be found outside my house, bubble blower in one hand and camera in the other. (I think my neighbors have gotten used to this sort of behavior by now).”

However, these aren’t just ordinary bubbles made from dish soap or commercially bought bubble mixture. Ratzlaff thinks that he has come up with a great combination of items to make the perfect freezing bubble by experimenting with it.

“Frozen bubbles are still very fragile creatures. So I’ve experimented with different recipes to create a durable bubble wall that won’t pop in the slightest breeze, dish soap for the bubbling, corn syrup to thicken the wall, and sugar to help crystallization. I let the mixture chill in the freezer to help speed up the freezing once outside,” he writes.

His secret recipe needs the following:

  • 200 ml warm water
  • 35 ml corn syrup
  • 35 ml dish soap
  • 2 tbs sugar
  • chill in the freezer

Now you all know what to do the next time the temperature in your area drops below freezing point. Take it as an opportunity to create some magic and crystal bubbles! Have fun!

Watch the freezing transformation of these bubbles below


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