This Group Of Mississippi Teachers Turned Lockers into Stunning Artwork




If you are at school, teachers seem to be everybody’s enemy. Quizzes, home works, and parent meetings – these are among the things that make every student hate a teacher. Thankfully though, not every teacher is a badass. While some of them enjoy torturing students academically, others are just human beings, making things that not only inspire students, but all of us.

And, among these are this group of Mississippi school teachers who were able to transform a dusty and old hallway filled with unused lockers into a lovely mural of modern literature. Of course, with the help of a charity grant.

Teacher Elizabeth Williams spoke about the project:

“We want students to come back to school in August and walk on the hallway and be absolutely amazed with what we’ve done and be curious. We want that to be the driving spark for reading in our classrooms”.

Everything started with several lockers that were shut and sealed for 15 years at a junior high school in Mississippi.


Through the brilliant idea of these teachers, the old lockers were converted into something useful and beautiful.


Because they knew their idea was really inspiring, they decided to share it on social media, Facebook specifically. This way, they could get some volunteers to help in painting the unused lockers.


The aisle of unused lockers is now called the “Avenue of Literature”. It was filled with murals of hand-selected book titles.




The Twilight series even had a spot in this avenue of Modern Literature.


Pride and Prejudice, Animal Farm, The Bell Jar, Moby Dick, The Scarlet Letter, and Gulliver’s Travel’s are only among the few classic books that landed a spot here.


To put turn the ideas into a reality, students and volunteers helped out.


Learn more about the story here:



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