Moss Graffiti – The Most Eco-Friendly DIY Project Ever


Contemporary artists are taking graffiti street art to a much higher level by going green. With moss graffiti, they are able to adorn and beautify public and private places, as well as the streets, with pictures, meaningful text, and clever sayings, in the most sustainable way.

Moss graffiti is the total opposite to the traditional street art that makes use of spray paint. Instead of using toxic aerosols, only water is needed every now and then.

To make your own moss graffiti, here is one recipe you can follow:


3 cups of moss (washed, clean of soil)
2 cups of buttermilk or 2 cups of yogurt (should be plain yogurt)
2 cups of water or beer
1/2 tsp of sugar
corn syrup (optional)
a blender that you probably don’t want to use other than for this



1. Find a moss.

2. Wash as much soil out of the roots.

3. Break it and put it in a blender.

 4. Add yogurt, water, and sugar.


 5. Corn syrup is only optional.

 6. Pour the mixture into the bucket.

 7. Grab a paintbrush and start painting.

 8. Check your painting every week.

 9. Spray it with water.


10. Once you’ve got a hang of it, you can do other designs like the ones shown below:







Check out these videos on how these people made this Moss Graffiti below:

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