35 of the Most Aesthetic Staircases from Around the World

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Ever heard of the phrase “take one step at a time”? Well, you’ll surely want to be doing just that if you take a look at these jaw-dropping stairs. So we’ve rounded up the most beautiful steps you can find in any part of the world.

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Mar Mikhael Staircase in Beirut

Vogue magazine named the Mar Mikhael staircase in Beirut, Lebanon, as one of the most creative staircase designs in the world. It was constructed by a design group called Dihzayners. This staircase has been adding color to the city for a long time.

Street Art - Beirut, Lebanon

White Wolf in the Winterland, Canada

This staircase located in Canada was named as one of the winners of the Eco Art competition. It offers a strikingly realistic painting of a wolf and is located under the Wellington Street Bridge.

The Wolf And The Girl (ottawa)

Colores Guatapé in Colombia

In Eastern Antioquia, tourists can come across the colorful town of Guatape. One of the main attractions in the area is this staircase, which has colorful and sunny designs that adorn each step.


Hanbok-Wearing Woman in Seoul, South Korea

Stairs To The Musical Theater In Seoul,south Korea

The woman in a traditional costume (hanbok) can be found in Seoul. It leads to a musical theater.

Woman’s Board Grand Staircase in Chicago

This one-of-a-kind LED-filled staircase features words from one of the most important speeches in history. Indian monk Swami Vivekananda stood in this exact steps when he delivered his inspiring speech in the Art Institute of Chicago in 1893, which was later immortalized in these steps.

The Art Institute Of Chicago, Chicago, Il

Koung Si Waterfall Stairs in Laos

You won’t see any colors here, but this unique staircase can be found beside the Koung Si waterfall in Laos, giving hikers easy access to the top.

Waterfall At Luang Prabang - Laos

The Coloured Pencil Stairs in Poland

Artist Maja Wronska used this once barren and gray stairs as her backdrop to create this unique 3-D pencil design. You can find these steps at the Mieska bridge in Poznan, Poland.

Poznan, Poland

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