This Guy Meticulously Builds a Moving, Miniature Paper Metropolis and it is Beyond EPIC

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With only a steady hand, PVA glue, and watercolor paper, Edinburgh-based artist Charles Young was able to build an intricate metropolis that he calls “Paperholm”. In the past few years, Charles has created about 300 miniature architectural structures, vehicles, houses, carnival rides, and urban monuments that play a vital part in his final cityscape. Within a month, he completed his project.

Since August of last year, Charles creased, crimped, cut, and folded pieces of paper into freestanding creations every day. By the time he finishes one, he takes a photo of it. To give life to cars, buses, buildings, and carousels, he used simple stop-motion techniques.



Here is a bus that is traversing the miniature city’s streets.



Charles also added a sign that spins atop a paper building.




In the photo above, a boat is being loaded up into its shed.


As the windmill rotates with the passing breeze, an axe chops wood.


In a forest-like setting, a tiny paper watermill spins in place.



A bus is rotating around a very tall building.




Whenever the wind blows, the door of this small barrel house swings open and close.


A car moves in and out of a paper garage.

charles young paperholm paper city

The Citroen H style truck is so small that it fits the edge of a finger.


All in all, Charles has created 60 unique paper buildings and 9 mini vehicles. He has also created a short film that follows the life of the small inhabitants of the paper city, as they go about their day.

If you want to take a sneak peek inside his meticulous and detailed process, watch the video:



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