Netizens Are Going Crazy, Trying to Find the Panda in This Picture …Can You Spot It?



Can you spot the panda in this mind-boggling drawing?

Illustrator Gergely Dudás, who uses the pen name Dudolf, shared the photo below on his Facebook page. Surprisingly, it went viral as it challenged readers to find the panda in a group of snowmen.

Have you seen it already?

If not, then you are not alone. Lots of people have spent hours finding the hidden panda. In fact, to express their frustrations, some of them took to Facebook.



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Others reposted the image on Twitter.


Obviously, Dudolf’s creation was phenomenal. Since it was uploaded, it has been shared over 118,000 times and received more than 55,000 likes.

Surprised by his drawing’s success, Dudolf said, “The popularity of the ‘panda’ picture amazed me, I still can’t believe it, but it makes me really happy! Glad to see how people like something I made.”

Aside from finding the missing panda, Dudolf has several other works. The drawing below is one of the most popular. In this one, he tells readers to find a cat in a group of owls.



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