New York Artist Creates The World’s Most Stunning Sand Art


Sand art is one type of art movement that is creating quite a scene.

Majority of these sand arts are often seen on the beach, however sand art encompasses several practices of modelling sand into art. Other forms of sand art include sand brushing, sand sculpting and sand painting.

New York based artist Joe Mangrum is one prominent artist whose main body of sand art is made through sand painting. Mangrum spent a total of 8 years creating beautiful and hypnotic patterns and designs on the busy streets and squares of the Big Apple.

His impressive and rather extended body of work are made by pouring brightly colored sand straight from his hands. Mangrum’s notable designs are circular geometric figures as well as traditional Buddhist mandalas.

His other artworks also feature elements from Marine Biology to create a unique look. Mangrum describes below on his inspiration in creating his masterpieces,

“…Paintings are influenced by an abundant world of undersea creatures, carnivorous plants emanating electrical impulses,… [and] cross-cultural metaphors from many years of travels around the world.”

If you happen to be on the streets of New York and are unable to see his artwork, it is mainly because the artist allows the wind to sweep his beautiful piece away. Fret not, if you do happen to be in New York, you have to have a keen eye on spotting this artist creating his masterpiece.

Here are just some of his breathtaking works caught by lucky onlookers.

Word Games.




Marine biology elements at its best.


Snowflakes never looked this colorful.



A stunning floral design.


Under the Sea.




Try this one for size.


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