A Sculptor Took an Ordinary Tree Trunk and What He Turned it into …Amazing


Stefanie Rocknak is a very talented sculptor, who can transform any plain chunks of wood into stunning pieces of art. Her sculptures come in larger-than-life sizes, making it look like it’s ready to burst into motion at any time.

Since she was young, woodworking has already been a part of her life. At the age of 10, she has already created her first ever sculpture. Later on, her trips to Rome caused her to admire the sculptures of the masters, such as Bernini, Donatello, and Michaelangelo. Also, her trip to Austria has introduced her to middle-age German wood carving.

Because of the two influences, she is able to create such beautiful organic sculptures.

Here are some of Stefanie’s creations

Scroll down for video









Here are some of her works of art

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