This Artist Creates Perfect Geometric Sandcastles …These are FAR From Ordinary


Although summer is almost over, you still have time to hit the nearest beach with your family and bring with you some old buckets and shovels. It’s never really too late to build several sand castles. But, before you actually make a sand castle, you can find inspiration from the creations of Calvin Seibert. He is a professional artist and sculptor, who had just completed a multitude of geometric sandcastles on the beaches of Hawaii. Obviously, if you compare your work to some of Seibert’s, you might put yourself to shame. With the sculptural angles, interesting shapes and smooth lines his castles possess, it’s a mystery how he is able to manipulate wet sand to form spectacular sand castle structures. Here are some of the sand castles he created:


Here are some other amazing sand castles created by other artists:

He Makes Sand Sculptures Unlike Anyone Else in The World- Amazing

Spectacular Sand Castles from All Over the World


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