See How This Painter Blends Models into Famous Landmarks …Awesome!


How does an art exhibit catch a spectator’s attention? It has to be spectacular, so the artist engages the viewers with something that sparks a reaction.

A while back, the computer-generated magic eye posters were popular. When you see them, you would try to focus and refocus your eyes so you could spot the hidden image in the canvas of random pixels. It was hard to stay away from those images. Some artists also have a similar hook, and like this artist, her works are so amazing that it will wow any type of audience.


Trina Merry is an artist from New York, and she is exceptionally talented


She has done some commercial work, but her specialty is painting people so that they blend with the scenery


Merry says that painting on the body creates a special connection to the person in a way that other art forms are unable to do.


In her camouflage series, her models are set against famous landmarks




After she’s done her job, the models disappear in the scenery


Merry studied art in San Jose and Los Angeles. She lost her job in the recession, and she became a full-time artist


Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls used her to model for one of her shows. Since then, Merry was inspired to do more detailed body painting. Her work has won awards. She even garnered first place in the 2014 World Body Paint Festival. In 2012, she was named Visual Artist of the Year by RAW San Jose.




Body painting has been around as an art form since 425,000 years ago. It’s been part of world culture more than people would realize.


This type of work is full of life


Merry’s shoots take her to different places around the world and selects very iconic landmarks


The sites she chooses have a global and political importance


Trina Merry Studio

Trina Merry is keeping this 425,000-year-old tradition alive


According to the artist, “My work is ephemeral by nature and thus not meant to last”


That type of fleeting nature could cause technical challenges, like when the paint cracks, but it’s also sometimes hard to let go of a painting.


Her works have been captured on film, and there they will remain. The work is so fascinating that even when the camouflage has been discovered, it still captivates.




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