A Strange Library Buried On The Shoreline Of Denmark



A strange library buried deep into the ground is calling every passerby to peek into the abyss located just outside the city of Aarhus in Denmark.

This subterranean library is like a window to the dark depths of the Earth covered with glass. The sculpture was created by Susanna Hesselberg as her entry for the biannual Sculpture by the Sea, an exhibit of arts, sculptures and designs. She named her masterpiece “When My Father Died It Was Like a Whole Library Had Burned Down” which was inspired by the song “World Without End” by Laurie Anderson.

Her creation is one of the 55 sculptures on display at the 2015 Sculpture by the Sea exhibit in Aarhus, Denmark.

You can look at the books, but their titles and spines are oriented in such a way that you can't see their titles.

Susanna Hesselberg

Glass protects the sculpture from the elements and from curious viewers.

Susanna Hesselberg

Her entry was created out of 3,000 books sorted, stacked and stick together before they were mounted into the ground. According to Hesselberg, she did not use any illusions or mirrors to make her masterpiece infinite and credited it all to hard work.

“For me, the books are symbols for human knowledge and life. Every book a story, a small universe of time, space and thoughts between two book covers. To bury them like this could be like an excavation of humanity or like a tomb.”

She described her sculpture as a piece that is shared between a father and a daughter and it would be heartwarming to know the potential that her children can do something like this to her in the future.

Susanna Hesselberg


The shaft seems to go on forever.

Susanna Hesselberg

Hesselberg was born in Uppsala but grew up in Malmo, Sweden. She established her self as an international artist whose works are shown on different art centers like in the Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre and at Tensta Konsthall.

Another of Hesselberg’s book pieces, and the abstract design the books create when stacked.

Another of Hesselberg's book pieces, and the abstract design the books create when stacked.

Susanna Hesselberg
(via Colossal)

Check out more amazing entries on this year’s Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus 2015 exhibit with the videos below:


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