Surreal Sculptures from Bruno Catalano



Europe has developed a reputation to be the melting pot for artists both classical and modern artists alike. From the sleepy towns of Spain to the hustle and bustle of the London streets, art is a celebrated feat in the European continent. From street installations to breathtaking sculptures in display, its streets have became a haven for some of the most beautiful to the downright bizarre collection of art pieces anyone can find.

One downright beautiful yet dreamlike collection that is creating such a buzz is the creation of French artist Bruno Catalano.

His bronze creations were made in celebration of the European Capitol of Culture back in September of 2013. Inspired by travel, Catalano built a total of ten life size, figurative sculptures, which were put on display at the port of Marseilles called “Les Voyageurs.”

What makes these sculptures unique is that these pieces are incomplete. As Catalano explained, each sculpture represents a world citizen who is search of his or her own missing pieces. Large pieces of their bodies have completely been left out, leaving its viewers wondering.



Despite the fact that they are incomplete pieces, they make quite a breathtaking scene, especially when photographed at different angles.

To check out more of Catalano’s beautiful artworks, you can visit his official website 

Get to know more of this artist and his wonderful work in the videos below:


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