Tattooed Women from the Past Show a Unique Kind of Art


In modern times, tattooed women are viewed as artistic and fearless women. But that wasn’t always the case during the twentieth century—a time were women wore petticoats and had to be conservative in the patriarchal society. People would often view the handful of women who wore their ink proudly on their arm as “freaks.”

That title did not stop them from expressing their art, though, and this collection below will give you an insight in the once shunned history of women and tattoo:

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Tattoo aesthetic may have changed over the years, below is an early photo:

tattooed women

Lady Irma Senta proudly displayed her tattoo collection during the 1910s

tattooed women

The ultimate squad goals during that era

tattooed women

An equivalent of the modern-day hipster

tattooed women

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