The Philippines Has an Interactive 3D Art Museum That’s All the Rage Now …Check Out the Displays



While some museums out there don’t allow their visitors to take photos of their displays, others go beyond by charging for that privilege. However, in the case of Art In Island Museum, located in Manila, Philippines visitors are given the chance to interact and enjoy various art pieces and take as many photos as they wish.

Blythe Cambaya, the secretary of the museum, explained to Mashable:

“Art paintings are not complete if you are not with them, if you don’t take pictures with them.”

Manila’s Art in Island Museum is filled with beautiful and unique paintings that when photographed from one point, optical illusions are created making you feel like you’ve stepped out from the painting or you’re a part of it.

So, the next time you plan a vacation make sure you include this one-of-a-kind museum. To give you a small taste, we’ve included just some of the paintings displayed at the Art in Island Museum:









Watch this video, featuring the Art in Island Museum:

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