These 3-D Epoxy Floors Will Turn Your Abode to a Paradise

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Tired of looking at the same old floors? Do you want to add something extraordinary to your house? If you’re in Dubai, you are very lucky.

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How about bringing the river in your house?

The Dubai-based company Imperial Interiors LLC (established in 1999) is offering a unique way of designing your house. The Imperial Interiors can install 3-D-designed floor. Their 3-D epoxy floors set a whole new level in making floors.

Fancy drinking on a sea floor.

Using their 3-D epoxy floors, the company found a way to make your floors look like bodies of water with fishes, waves, dolphins, and other incredible images.

Cooking on top of corals and starfish is quite an experience.

Imperial Interiors’ 3-D epoxy floors are not only beautiful but also very practical. The 3-D epoxy floors are environmentally friendly. The floors are like decorative stone floors, so there are no caustic odors and unhealthy fumes. The 3-D epoxy floors are also very durable. Manufactured with high strength and longevity, the floors can maintain their properties for decades. Their color, gloss, and texture will not fade over time. It is also very easy to take care of the floors. Made with no cracks, voids, and small empty spaces, the coating of 3-D epoxy floors is resistant to dust, dirt, water, and any chemical agents.

Relax and take a bath with the fishes.

3-D epoxy floors came out just very recently. At first, they are only found in hotels, shopping centers, halls, airports, and cafés. But lately, homeowners have started to embrace the 3-D epoxy floors. This is the power of art; even your home floors would turn out amazing when added a touch of it.

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