These Makeup Masterpieces Just Raised the Bar on Halloween Contests



Makeup is what people use to make themselves appear more beautiful. While it is usually used to transform something or someone into a more amazing version of themselves, it can also be used to make a person look terrifying. A nineteen-year-old freelance makeup artist by the name of Stephanie Fernandez has used makeup not only as a tool for beauty, but also a tool for art with her body as the canvas.

Check some of her amazingly creepy yet beautiful creations below.

The Transformation


Two sides of the coin


Speechless horror


 This one is both attractive and creepy


What a beautiful zombie.



That’s a lot of pins and buttons


What nightmares are made of…




Not sure if it’s cute or scary . . .


This one may have you wondering what you’ve been taking



Alien flesh eater?


Her eye will capture you


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